In the opening forms of LYNX there are a few references to the agreements and conditions. You can find these documents below:

Opening forms

Transfer Portfolio LYNX
IB Customer Agreement
Order routing policy IB
Additional: Agreement between LYNX / IB (U.K.)

Other general documents

Other terms and disclosuresEnglish
IB Customer Information Policies and Procedures
Important Information about U.S. Option Exchange Rules
Important Information about IB Security Futures Accounts
Risk Discl Statement For Forex and Multi-Curr Accounts
Order Routing and Payment for Order Flow Disclosure
Electr Trading and Order Routing Systems Risk Disclosure Statement
Day Trading Risk Disclosure Statement
IB LLC Business Continuity Plan Disclosure

Other specific documents

Other specific documentsEnglish
Disclosure of Margin Trading
Futures Eurex: German Risk Disclosure
Equities non-professional market data agreement
Uniform subscriber agreement
NASD BTDS subscriber agreement
IB Forms and DisclosuresClick here
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