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Cooperation LYNX & Interactive Brokers

If you are going to invest through LYNX, you are entering into two agreements: one with LYNX and one with Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited (IB).

You are entering into a client agreement with LYNX. LYNX’s services are limited to receiving and exclusively transmitting your orders in financial instruments to IB. That is why we open accounts in your name and on your behalf and risk with IB. You therefore give us permission to do. We can also mediate for you in the conclusion of a securities credit agreement with IB and/or an agreement with IB concerning the borrowing and/or lending of securities (including the IB Stock Yield Enhancement Programme). We will only do this, if you have indicated this in the opening form.

You will also enter into a client agreement with Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited (IB). This is because we will open one or more securities accounts and/or cash accounts with IB on your behalf. This will give you access to IB’s trading platform and order execution by IB and IB affiliates (including parent and subsidiary companies).

Applicable law

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