Trading Permissions

You can request trading permissions to trade new products or on additional markets. Go to Client Portal and request additional permissions from the Settings section.

Please Note:

To protect you from unbearable risks and losses, a certain level of knowlege and experience is required for every asset class. Every account is eligible to trade in Stocks and ETFs and convert currencies.


Select Account Trading Permissions

In the menu at the top right corner, select Welcome and then Settings.

Select Account Trading Permissions and choose an asset class by clicking Add/Edit on the specific product you want to request the trading permissions for. This is needed for each product and market you wish to trade.

Select the locations you wish to trade the product on from the list. This refers to the countries of the respective exchanges. Adding markets to an existing permission should happen instantaneously.

Make your selection, then click Continue.

Confirm the request

Please review your request and any attached documents. Enter your name exactly as demonstrated on the left side of the page, and then click Continue to submit your request.

If all minimum product-specific requirements are met, trading permissions are typically issued within 24 hours. Additionally, the addition of new markets to already issued product permission is usually processed immediately.

Review your financial profile

Various criteria including financial information, investment experience and objectives are taking into account to be granted specific trading permission.

To review and make adjustments to your Financial Information, Investment Experience, and Investment Objectives, please navigate to Settings in the Client Portal. In the Account Profile section, select Financial Profile. Please note that after updating your information, you will need to request the trading permissions again.


For trading warrants and certificates, in addition to the permission for Warrants, you also need the trading permission for Complex or Leveraged Exchange-Traded products.

In order to be able to trade warrants, you must also have trading approval for Options – Level 4. To be able to apply for this level, you need a margin account.

You can extend the trading permission for your securities account via your Client Portal.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for trading penny stocks, you will have the option to add the “United States (Penny Stocks)” permission within the Stocks asset class category.

However, if you do not see the “United States (Penny Stocks)” within the Stocks asset class category on the trading permissions page, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Your financial information does not meet the necessary requirements
  • Investment objectives do not meet the criteria
  • Two-factor authentication is not activated or outdated
  • Investment experience does not meet the criteria

Please note that our partner, Interactive Brokers, does not publish specific information on these minimum requirements, and they may be subject to updates.

Options are divided into 3 different trading permissions:

  • Options: For equity and index options in North America and Australia.
  • Stocks options: For equity options in Europe and Asia
  • Index options: For index options outside North America

If all requirements are met, trading permissions are usually granted within 24 hours. The addition of further trading venues to already activated product classes takes place immediately.

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