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Even when markets are down or sideways, LYNX provides you the means to leverage your portfolio’s potential:

Some of the products mentioned here are complex, your losses may exceed your investments.

Lend out stocks to collect interest

Sell options against your stocks to generate premiums

Invest in money market ETFs to yield return from uninvested cash

Gain more control,
over unpredictable markets

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Trading before and after regular market hours

Stop loss & trailing stop orders available for all instruments

Buying put options on your existing stocks as an insurance

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Trading Tools for options


View all options per underlying in 1 overview. Combine them and execute them as one order.

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Split portfolios


Run and organize all your strategies from one account — no need for multiple.

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Chart analysis


Analyze with extensive options and trade directly from the charts.

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Portfolio Performance


Get insights per strategy, asset class, time period, region, and more.

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Bracket Orders


Save time and remove emotions by presetting profit targets and stop losses in one order.

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Technical Signals


Consult the outlook of your preferred stocks and receive actionable trading ideas immediately.

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LYNX, the all-in-one online broker, offering all the tools and products to make every
strategy actionable

The Risks of Investing

As you may know, investing in financial instruments carries risks. The value of financial instruments can fluctuate, leading to the potential loss of (a part of) your entire investment, or depending on the products you invest in, even significantly more. Therefore, only invest money that you do not need immediately.

At LYNX, we aim to be your long-term partner in achieving your investment goals. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that you are well-prepared when you decide to invest and that you only invest in financial instruments you fully understand. Before you start investing, you should consider your (financial) situation, investment objectives, capabilities, expectations, and potential outcomes. Below are some risks to be aware of.

Market risk is the risk that the value of your investments might decrease because of micro- or macroeconomic developments. For example, declining economic growth can cause the value of a company to go down, which in turn will render shares in the company less valuable. You can partly reduce this risk by having a well-diversified portfolio.

Price risk is the risk of fluctuations in the prices of your investments. Prices are constantly changing, and you are always exposed to price risk. You can partially mitigate this risk by diversifying your investments properly.

Interest rate risk is the risk that the value of investments might decrease when market interest rates rise. Rising interest rates may reduce consumer spending and increase interest costs for companies. This can put pressure on company profit. A rise in interest rates can, therefore, negatively affect the value of shares, bonds, and investment funds that hold shares and bonds.

Credit risk is the risk that the company or country in which you have invested is unable to meet its financial obligations. For example, a company can no longer pay its interest or can default on a loan. This could lead to worthless investments.

Liquidity risk is the risk that your investments cannot or can barely be traded on an exchange. In that case, your investments are not liquid or illiquid. This means that you (temporarily) cannot close your investments when you want to; you cannot freely divest your positions, or you get a worse price for your investments when you close them.

Currency risk arises when you invest in a currency other than the euro. If the exchange rate of that other currency drops in relation to the euro, it has a negative impact on the value of your investments in that other currency.

Inflation risk is the risk that the return on an investment decreases due to a decline in purchasing power. Inflation causes the real return on investments to fall relative to the nominal return.