Display charts, save templates, add a wide range of indicators and trade directly from the charts.

Portfolio & Account Values

On this page, we explain how to view your portfolio and what the different account values mean.

Smart Routing

You can add a stock to your trading platform in several ways. You can choose a specific exchange or the SMART method. The difference is explained below in this article.

Trading Extraordinary Circumst.

Understanding market volatility and it’s impact on your portfolio.


In this article, we will show you how to create new watchlists and edit existing watchlists in each respective platform. Select the desired platform in the menu on the left.


The settlement refers to the finalization of financial obligations between a buyer and a seller. It involves the payment and delivery of the agreed-upon financial instrument on the spot or derivative market. The successful settlement ensures the transfer of ownership and fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Margin Trading

Trading on margin means borrowing funds from a broker. You only pay a certain percentage (or margin) of the value. This allows you to trade beyond available funds.


Monitor the performance of your portfolio, keeping a close eye on your trades, profits/losses and returns.