Trading Tips – Step 2

If you are new to trading and have taken your first steps with your trading account, possibly having executed your first trade, we are here to provide practical tips. In this guide, we will offer insights into currency conversion, expanding your trading permissions, and accessing real-time market data.

Currency Conversion

In LYNX+, currency conversion is made simple with just a few clicks, allowing you to seamlessly invest in international exchanges. To understand the currency conversion process, you can find more information here.

If you prefer using TWS, please refer to the following page for guidance on currency conversion: Currency Conversion in TWS.

Trading Permissions

Interested in trading new products or exploring new markets? You can broaden your trading horizons by expanding your permissions through the Client Portal. Simply log in, access your settings, and apply to trade options, futures, or other products.

To learn how to apply for new trading permissions via the Client Portal, click here.

Real-time Market Data Subscriptions

Real-time market data is usually essential for a trader. You can access both free and paid subscriptions through the Client Portal. After logging in and navigating to the Settings and Market Data Subscriptions menu, you will find an overview of all market data sorted by geographical region. From there, you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe.

You can find complete instructions on how to subscribe to market data here.

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Up Next: LYNX Service

As you advance in your trading journey, it’s essential to know that our LYNX Service team is there to assist you. Discover how our Service Center, Remote Assistance software, and the LYNX+ Client Zone, can enhance your trading experience. Let’s explore the support system that ensures you’re never alone on your trading path.

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