Internal Transfer

If you have multiple trading accounts linked through LYNX under the same name/company name, you can internally transfer positions between these accounts in the Client Portal.


Transaction information

In the menu at the top, select Transfer & Pay and click on Transfer Positions.

In the next step, select Internal transfer. Under Destination Account, select the account to which you want to make the internal transfer.

Fill in the following information:

  • Quantity – enter the number of shares you want to transfer.
  • Available Quantity – number of shares available for transfer
  • Asset Type – type of financial instrument
  • Identifiers – symbol of financial instrument
Please Note:

This ability to transfer positions internally will only be available when these different accounts are in the same name and all data match. If this is not the case, you will either be asked to modify these details, or to demonstrate why you wish to realise this internal transfer.

Transfer verification

You will now get an overview of your position transfer. Check that the positions and numbers are correct. If all data are correct, click Continue at the bottom.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm the position transfer using a confirmation number you received by e-mail or using the codes on your security card, or by confirmation with the device you use as a two-step verification.

Please Note:

Position transfer requests are processed during regular trading hours. Requests submitted outside regular trading hours will be processed on the next trading day. The receiving account must have already received an initial deposit before a position transfer request can be submitted.


Your positions will be transferred immediately. If you request an internal transfer during holidays or weekends, the transfer will be processed the next working day. Please note that the Cost Basis of the transferred positions may take a few business days to be processed.

Yes, you can transfer cash balances, such as EUR or USD, between trading accounts using an internal funds transfer. Here’s how:

In the menu at the top of the Client Portal, navigate to Transfer & Pay and then choose Transfer Funds. On the next page, click on Transfer Funds Between Accounts. Then select the destination account and confirm by clicking Continue.

In the next step, within the Currency field, select the currency you want to transfer to your destination account. In the Amount field, specify the sum you wish to transfer in the selected currency and confirm your choice by clicking Submit.

You will then be requested to enter the username and password for the trading account to which you want to transfer funds. Once you’ve input your login credentials, click Continue. Following this, you need to use the security device to authorize the transfer.

Finally, a confirmation page will appear, validating your request for an internal funds transfer. If all the information appears accurate, proceed by clicking Finish. Your funds will now be promptly transferred.

Yes, internal transfers are recorded in the activity statements. Position transfers are displayed in the Transfers section. Cash transfers can be found in the Deposits & Withdrawals section.

Instructions for creating an activity statement can be found here.

Yes, transfers are generally free of charge.

There are no limits to the product classes you can transfer. You can transfer any product between your trading accounts.

The number of internal transfers is not limited.

If you have a security listed in EUR in your portfolio and want to sell it on a US stock exchange (i.e. in USD), a change of depository must be initiated beforehand. This process involves transferring your position to another depository, which changes the available exchanges and the currency. This way you can also transfer securities for which trading has been suspended in a particular market segment to another depository to trade it on a different exchange and in a different currency.

Please note that a fee of USD 10 per position applies to the change of depository – the fee will be charged in the base currency of your account.

In addition, the position to be transferred cannot be traded for a period of approx. 2 – 3 weeks during the change of depository.

For securities listed in USD or EUR:

  • Please log in to the Client Portal.
  • After logging in, click on Transfer & Pay > Transfer Positions. Then select Depository / Trading Currency Change.
  • Please select the Search Type.
  • Depending on the Search Type you have selected, enter the symbol, the ISIN, the CUSIP or the company name of the security in the next field.
  • Enter the Stock Exchange. Click on Search.
  • The position will then be displayed. Enter the Quantity in the corresponding field and the new currency in the Change Symbol To column. Then click on Continue.
  • In the last step, please confirm your identity. Click on Continue.

In case you cannot enter the change of depository using the instructions above, please reach out to the Service Team of your local LYNX branch for further information.

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