User Settings

Market Data

Trading platforms via LYNX typically show 15-minute delayed quotes by default, if allowed by the exchange. Access both free and paid real-time data packages in your Client Portal’s Market Data Subscriptions section.

Trading Permissions

You can request Trading Permissions to trade new products or on additional markets. Go to Client Portal and request additional permissions from the Settings section.

Change Account Type

Learn here how to change the account type and understand the differences between a cash account and a margin account.

Client Zone

In your Client Zone, you can see important documents at a glance and be instantly updated with the latest news. Get to know LYNX+’s Client Zone in just a few steps:

Change Base Currency

The base currency of your account defines the currency in which the account values, reports and margin requirements are displayed. See here how to change it.

Paper Trading

As a LYNX client, you have the option to open a demo account aside from your live account. This allows you to test new strategies before implementing them on your live account.