Client Zone

In your Client Zone, you can see important documents at a glance and be instantly updated with the latest news by LYNX. Get to know LYNX+ Client Zone in just a few steps.


In the menu at the top right corner, click on the profile icon and select Client Zone.

Select a category

Choose between unread messages, documents or reply to an open request.

  • Request for information: Here, you can access all messages and inquiries from our Administrative Department. Please respond to these requests as thoroughly as possible and provide any requested additional documentation.
  • Documents & Messages: Here you can find important messages regarding recent changes. In addition, under documents you will find all your transaction statements and the annual statement we make available to you each year. Under cost information you will find all ex-ante cost reports of the orders you have placed.
  • Knowledge Assessments: For products such as Options and Futures, in addition to the trading permissions, you are required to take additional knowledge tests. These can be made available to you after contacting your local service desk.
  • Questions & Feedback: Here you will find the link to your local Service Center and can leave feedback and recommendations for LYNX+ directly.
  • Bring a friend: Here you will find the necessary details if you wish to invite people to become LYNX customers as well. You can also find the terms and conditions of this promotion here.

All about your account

If you wish to trade other financial products such as options and futures, you must take a knowledge assessment which you can request from your local service desk.


The following file types are allowed: .pdf, .jpg. jpeg and .png.

The provided identity document has to be fully visible and readable. It has to be valid for at least one more month.

Driver’s licenses are not accepted as identity documents.

Yes, you can simply login to LYNX+ by using the browser on your mobile device and navigate to the Client Zone by following the steps in the article above.

After completing a knowledge assessment, please inform your local service desk.

Processing the knowledge assessment will happen in 1-2 workdays and you will be informed when the trading restriction is lifted from your account.

You can find the year overview in the Client Zone under Documents & Messages. Here you will be able to choose between Messages, Documents and Cost Information. The year overview will be available in the Documents tab.

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