To facilitate the transfer of funds from your bank account to your trading account, it is important to create a deposit notification within the Client Portal, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.


Select Deposit and bank account

In the menu at the top, select Transfer & Pay and then Transfer Funds.

To create a deposit notification, click Select under Deposit Funds.

If you have previously saved your bank account details, they will appear on the next screen. Choose your bank account and the correct currency for the deposit.

For first deposits or deposits from a new bank account, select Use a new deposit method. For detailed guidance on adding a new bank account, refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page, titled: “Want to use a new deposit method?”.

Please be aware that deposit made in other currencies need a different deposit method.

Fill in bank details

When you have selected a previously saved bank account, you only need to fill in the amount of your desired deposit under Deposit Amount. The Transaction Reference Number is optional.

When you are ready, click Get Transfer Instructions to access the necessary information for making the deposit from your bank.

Make your bank transfer

Follow the transfer instructions at the end of the deposit notification to transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account.

important notice for your deposit

For a prompt allocation of your deposit to your trading account, please include your full name/company name and your U-number in the message field of your bank transfer.

Please be note that generating a deposit notification does not trigger an automatic deposit from your bank account. To ensure a successful transfer of funds from your bank account, kindly follow the deposit instructions provided at the end of the deposit notification.


From the Deposit page, select Use a new deposit method. Then, select the currency for your deposit and the corresponding Deposit Method. If you’re uncertain about the right method, contact your bank for guidance; typically, for EUR deposits, SEPA is used.

Next, click Get Instructions next to your chosen deposit method and fill in your bank details:

  • Save Bank Information? – Select Yes if you want to save your bank details.
  • Sending Institution – Enter the name of your bank.
  • Account Number – Enter your account number or IBAN.
  • Account Nickname – Under the entered name this data will be saved.
  • Deposit Amount – Enter the amount you are going to transfer.
  • Make this a recurring transaction? – If you want to make this deposit on a recurring basis, select this option.

When you are ready click the Get Transfer Instructions button to view the necessary details for initiating your deposit from your bank account.  

If you have made a deposit notification, transferred the money from your bank following the deposit instructions, used your full name/company name and U-number in the message field, the deposit will normally be credited within 1-3 business days. If it takes longer than 3 business days, please check if your deposit notification corresponds with the payment made from your bank or contact your local customer service.

You can view your current and past deposit notifications as well as withdrawal requests by navigating to the Transfer & Pay in the top menu of the Client Portal. From the dropdown menu, select Transaction Status & History. Please be aware that the accessible time range is limited to a maximum of 90 days.

To transfer funds from your bank, please enter your U-number and your full name/company name in the message field of the bank transfer. If you haven’t created a deposit notification before the transfer, you can do so afterward. This step is essential to ensure that your deposit is correctly allocated to your trading account.

If you haven’t provided the necessary information in the message field of the bank transfer, you can send proof of the bank transfer to your local customer service via email. This will allow us to manually trace your transfer and credit the funds to your trading account.

If we cannot correctly allocate your transfer to your trading account, the funds will be returned to your original bank account.

When making a deposit in a different currency than previously used, you will need to select New Deposit Method. You can find more detailed instructions in this FAQ section titled: “Want to use a new deposit method?“.

There are various reasons why it may take longer to process your deposit. The most common reason for delayed deposits is that the U-number and/or full name/company name is not indicated in the message field of the bank transfer. In addition, bank holidays may affect the processing time of the deposit.

If you make a 4th deposit and have already made 3 deposits in the last 5 days, where the 4th deposit exceeds a total amount of 30,000 EUR.

The above cases are the most common reasons. In addition, there are other event-related reasons why the crediting of your deposit may be delayed. Please contact your local service team if you have any questions.

You can find credited deposits in the Cash Movements section of the LYNX+ platform. For more detailed information about this section, click here.

In addition, you can view the deposits you have made in the Transaction Status & History section in the Client Portal (see FAQ titled “Where can I check my deposit notification?“) or on your account statement.

All deposits are booked to a collective account and allocated to the respective customer securities accounts. For the fastest possible allocation of deposits, a deposit notification is required, and in the message field of the bank transfer, you must provide the U-number of your trading account and your full name/company name.

If the deposit notification and/or the correct information in the bank transfer message field is missing, a manual allocation will be attempted. Crediting the deposit to your securities account may take a little longer in this case.

Deposits are only possible from a bank account that is in your name.

Transfers from business accounts to your private securities account are also not permitted, even when the company is fully owned by you.

Provided you have set up a recurring transfer with your bank, you can create a recurring deposit notification in the Client Portal. In this way, recurring deposits can be routed directly to your trading account.

To create a recurring deposit notification, you need to follow the deposit instructions above and select the option Make this a recurring transaction?.

Deposits from a new bank account may need to be confirmed by means of an account statement showing the details of the bank account and the name of the account holder. You will receive this request one working day after receipt of the transfer via your LYNX+ Client Zone. We will also inform you about this request by email. Your deposit will be processed as soon as we receive and verify a copy of your bank statement.

Please be aware that deposits and withdrawals from and to countries outside the EU/EEA are not possible. If funds are received from a bank account outside this region, they will be unable to be processed and will be returned to the originating account.

Similarly, transferring money to a new bank account located outside the EU/EEA is not possible. Therefore, it’s advisable to ensure your adressed accounts are within the EU/EEA boundaries for seamless financial transactions.

Please note: Transactions with accounts located in Switzerland remain unaffected by this.

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