The LYNX Trader Tools

The LYNX Trading Platform has already been awarded prizes several times for its reliability and technological superiority. The LYNX Trader Tools have undoubtedly contributed to this success. The tools allow you to make the best use of every opportunity that arises on the stock exchange.



Fast, faster, LYNX

Do you wish to place orders and close positions extremely fast? Then BookTrader is the right tool for you. In short: the ideal trading tool for all future and daytraders. It only takes two clicks to place an order via the deep book, which sends the order directly to the stock exchange.

  • Quickly place and change orders
  • Place various orders (e.g. limit, stop or bracket orders) in just two clicks
  • The price ladder shows all possible bidding and asking prices
  • View your profits and losses in real-time


Clear, analytical, fast

Everything an option trader could hope for. OptionTrader is a handy tool for both starting and more experienced option traders. Quickly analyse the risks, and place orders and combination orders. All options Greeks are displayed continuously. What could be more efficient and easier than that?

  • Overview of all of option series of the selected fund in one single screen
  • 1-click options trading. Edit and view your option orders
  • Adapt your screen to your own preferences
  • Implied Volatility shown for each contract
  • Calculate the fair value of the option contracts
  • View the Open Interest and the options Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta)


Combination of speed and certainty

Why pace several orders, when you can do everything at once? This tool is ideal for traders wanting to send complete option combinations to the exchange. Don’t wait until your order is filled leg by leg. As soon as your order is filled, you can be certain that the entire combination was bought. This way you can easily place any option combination: Straddles, Strangles, Butterflies and many more.

  • Create combination orders and send them to the exchange as one single order
  • Place combination orders for all underlying values (shares, options or futures)
  • See the bid and ask price of the whole option combination
FX Trader

FX Trader

Speed is the most valuable currency

FX Trader is the optimal tool for active forex traders. With just one click you can trade in more than 80 different currency pairs. Create your own Forex trading screen and select the currency pairs which you would like to trade. Respond immediately by placing, changing or cancelling orders.

  • More than 80 currency pairs
  • At a single glance the best bidding and asking prices
  • Very low spread: spreads as low as 0.1 pips
  • No spread mark-ups or other hidden costs

Chart Trader

Trade directly in the chart

Nothing could be easier: Chart Trader allows you to place, change or cancel orders directly in your real-time chart. You can therefore immediately respond to price movements. See an interesting technical level? Place your order on this level in the chart.

  • Quickly place or change orders directly in the chart
  • 1-click ordering for various order types (e.g. limit, stop or bracket orders)
  • Add various technical indicators to your chart
  • Create your own indicator template and add it to all of your charts


Finding the best stocks

MarketScanner gives you access to an unique tool that provides a clear overview of all relevant stocks. Select the market you wish to scan and enter filters and parameters to look for promising shares. You can then search, for example, for the most traded shares, the biggest gainers and losers, or the shares with the highest dividends.

  • Available for European, American and Asian shares
  • Easily scan the market for a large number of parameters
  • Filter results on aspects such as volume and price
  • Immediate overview of all the biggest gainers and losers
  • Fundamental data available in the scanner
LYNX: one platform, many advantages
  • Professional trading platform: fast, stable and reliable
  • Very low fees
  • Professional guidance of the LYNX team
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